Research & Discovery
We understand some communities don’t have as good as others, but we wanted to know why and discovered some very unnerving facts.
Drop-out Factory
A school where 60% of students or less graduate. These schools are always in poor income communities. There are about 2,000 nation wide.
The Target
After research, it is determined the two who would benefit the most from a new application are a newer school teacher who is willing to improve their skills and their student who is struggling.
Jennifer, 29
High School Teacher

Teaches math for grades 9 – 12.

Being a new teacher, she is struggling getting students to understand the material and is looking for guidance as well as to have the students succeed.
lexie, 15
High School Student

Currently attending a school in Detroit

.Struggling in her math class and needs a passing grade to keep her GPA but she doesn’t understand her teachers methods and only becomes more frustrated.
THE Goal
Create a place where teachers can improve their skills & connect students who are struggling to help them “conquer their fear” in school.
Creating a site-map helps layout the entirety of a interface. With this specific tool, we concluded the two targets (teacher & student) would have two different  but similar experiences.
Meet The monsters
When some is conquering a fear, it’s like facing the monsters in the closet. So, for this concept, illustrations were create to help guide the teachers and students throughout the application.
This is the student monster. It can only be seen by students, walking them through functions on the app.
This is the teacher monster. It can only be seen by teachers, walking them through functions on the app.
This is the social studies monster. It helps improve skills in the many social fields.
This is the english monster. It helps improve skills in the many language fields.
This is the science monster. It helps improve skills in the many science fields.
This is the math monster. It helps improve skills in the many math fields.
Connecting students
This would be in the responsibility of the teacher. Once the teacher has recognized a problem, they can invite their students to join the app via email.
App icon design
Since the first step for this application is a teacher inviting a student, the student in result is shaped by the teachers and experts that help them from then on.
Application Walk-through
It’s the linkedin for teachers & students.
A user either picks “Student” or “Teacher” then continues are such.
As a user logs in, there is an automatic search for their profile for security purposes.
This the home or news feed page where users can discover latest techniques.
This the home or notifications page. Users would only see posts shared by an expert or teacher they are already connected with.
While in the search function, users can either look up a specific individual or browse in the subjects with help from the monsters of course.
In each subject, as a teacher, users can look at professionals and even get help with lesson plans.
In each subject, as a student, users can play games, chat with experts, and get in extra practice.
Navigation Feature
Since students have notifications on the home page, their nav is one less direction compared to the teachers. What both of them do have is the help monster key on the left.
Profiles & Messaging
As users view profiles for students and teachers, they can see which monsters are popped up. These subjects and specialties determine if a connection is made between teacher, expert, and student.
On expert profiles, the monsters represent the subjects they specialize in.
On student profiles, the monsters represent the subjects they are having difficulties with.
Visit the InVision for the complete walkthrough.
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