Emily Smith

Art Van Outdoor


Previously known as Art’s Backyard, Art Van Outdoor was the relaunch of the outdoor department. This “new-look” was to be introduced alongside the spring catalog.

Past & Provided Assets

"Art’s Backyard" was the previous name for the outdoor department. Art's Backyard, seen below in the 2017 & 2018 outdoor catalogs, was incompatible with the design of the 2019 spring catalog. In an attempt to unify the brand more, the name for the outdoor department was changed to "Art Van Outdoor."

2017 Outdoor Catalog

2018 Outdoor Catalog

2019 Spring Catalog


Create a new look for Art Van outdoor that compliments the spring blend catalog.


To get the word out, an email strategy was assembled for early access & official launch.

Early Access Footer

Standard Header & Footer

Standard Header & Footer

Themed Email


Posts on social media were essential to advertise the official launch.


If one was to interact with an email or social, the customer's experience would continue here.

Landing Page

Global Banner
This asset would be visible on every page of the website, informing customers who didn’t receive an email or see social.


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