Emily Smith

Partner: Erika Ash

ArtVantage Rewards


ArtVantage Rewards was the first loyalty program associated with the Art Van Signature Card. Members were organized into four groups: Red, Gold, Platinum, & Black. Each group had a variety of perks & rewards.

Previous design

ArtVantage 1.0 launched in the summer of 2019. Creative mainly consisted of a series of direct-mailers, brochures, a landing page, and emails, including birthday specials & close-to alerts. Each of these assets and more required redesigning for 2.0.

For ArtVantage 2.0, new perks were to be promoted like concert & sports tickets, discounts, and casino vouchers. This brochure was created to kick off the new look.


Create animated assets to compliment the new perks associated with the launch on ArtVantage 2.0.


Because the time allotted for each advertisement was limited, we needed to decide which information was important and how to layout it out & present it.

Official Graphics

After many trials & edits, these graphics were used at the Little Caesars Arena in Detroit, Michigan. Spectators at Red Wings hockey games could watch them.

TV L-Wrap

Upper & Lower LED Ribbon

Full Screen Wall Displays



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