Emily Smith

Get Real


Get Real was an email campaign that educated customers about the different services & promotions Art Van offered, like design services, financial options, & names brands.


Art Van had more to offer than furniture. They not only gave back to the community, they also promoted name brands like Magnolia Home, and provided interior design services, among other services.

But, Art Van had no way of communicating these to customers.


Create an email campaign that showcases each of Art Van's services & activities in the community.

Initial Concepting

We wanted to communicate Art Van's services & activities while still looking like the Art Van brand, using furniture as a central element for each theme.

Final look

Keeping with Art Van's brand, we used a square-like element to surround the theme, Get Real. We placed furniture underneath to maintain our identity.

Working hand-in-hand with the photo studio, we created the following custom images that worked perfectly for this campaign.

The Emails

Each email showcased one of the themes, represented by the custom imagery to best explain the service or activity to the viewer. Here are a few of the strongest performing emails.

To tie the whole campaign together, the footer scrolls through each theme.


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