Emily Smith

Partner: Emma Willis

Harsens Island Distillery


The Harsens Island Distillery produces small batch handcrafted whiskeys, bourbons, gins, rums, and vodkas as well as a variety of wines. They continue to explore unique distillation methods, barrel aging techniques, and recipes to create the spirits of Harsens Island.

Check them website out at thehidistillery.com

The Inspiration & Task

In the roaring twenties, Harsens Island helped fuel Prohibition by becoming the hideaway for many distillers & rum runners. The founders were inspired by the island’s historical role and used as the driving idea behind the distillery.

The HI Distillery is a young & growing business. It was time for the distillery to move to the next step in the business & have an online store front.


Create a website that captures the identity & history of Harsens Island, the inspiration for the distillery.

Phase 1 - Splash Site

The holiday season was approaching. So, it became crucial to have an online presence created as soon as possible. A splash page allowed visitors to learn about the distillery while development for the main site could continue.

Phase 2 - Offical Launch

This is official launch of the site for visitors to learn as much about the distillery and the spirits alike.

Spirits & Wines

The product page go into great detail about the spirits & wines. They include nose, finish, taste, recipes, and pairings in some cases.



About Us

Like most about pages, this information about the distillery. This page also included the story behind the founding & inspiration for the distillery.

Phase 3 - Things to Come

As the business grows even further, so does the website. These are the plans for 2021:

Although not available for online purchase, the merchdise page will be able to keep guest up-to-date on the last merch.

Since Harsens Island is a hot vacation spot in the summer, the distillery isn’t shy to put on events. Here guests can see when / what that next event will be.

There is a current cocktail page, but with the coming of an experienced bartender will come photography & a more emersive experiece for guests.



Check it out! Visit the distillery at thehidistillery.com


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