Emily Smith

Private Reserve Signature Spirits


The Private Reserve is an exclusive series of bourbon whiskeys, & whiskeys, & rums that are only available for tasting at the Harsens Island Distillery, Harsens Island, MI.

Current Labels

Harsens Island has a wide variety of small batch handcrafted whiskeys, bourbons, gins, rums, and vodkas as well as a variety of wines.

In 2021, they will be introducing the Private Reserve Signature Spirits of Harsens Island.


Design a new label that highlights the exclusivity of Harsens Island & the spirits themselves.

Design Exploration

HI Distillery takes inspiration from the history of the island & the prohibition. This brought a rustic & rugged look to tasting room & the brand. These were all things to consider when the first exploration was being done.

Final Designs

Because there will be many different types of batches for the Private Reserve, it was decided to keep ALL 7 designs to highlight the variety of the spirits.

The Secondary Label
Every batch prepared for the Private Reserve is different creating some of the information on the label to be ever changing. So, we left open spaces to allow them to put in the information by hand.


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