Current Experience
There’s a lack of differentiation among the many brands. This cause confusion between the brands, devaluing them as a whole. This can also overwhelm the customer and drive them away.
Looking at the whole experience, it was very frustrating to open the package and realizing the product was damaged in the process.
A Current packages are in the plastic clamshell in a rectangular-oval shape which blends in on the shelf with all of the other brands.

B As we started to open the package, we realized how tight the plastic really is.

C The paper inside is not attached to anything which made opening package messy.

D There was a box inside which had to be ripped open to get access to the ear buds.

E Inside the little box was the wires which were wrapped very tightly creating creases and tangles in the wire.

F Part of the wire was taped to the plastic which had to be torn off to finally take the ear-buds out of their case.

G After taking the ear-buds out, the other pieces fell out creating a bigger mess.

H Once the ear-buds were removed from the package, there were creases and tangles up and down the wire.
The Target
After research, we determined we have a younger audience compared to other products. The ages range from 16 – 25. The reason for the younger target is because younger generations often go against the ideals of the older generations, making them a “rebellious” group of people.
Jared, 19
College Student

Loves to listen to music while he is on his way to class.

He hates buying new earbuds, because the wire is always kinked and gets tangled while he rides on his long-board.
Caleb, 21
College Student
Music Junkie

Spends his time adding new music to his Spotify.

He love his headphones, but he wants to purchase a small pair of earbuds, but he gets frustrated when the only cases he can buy are in plastic clamshells.
THE Goal
Create a package that is rebellious like the customers: stands out easily and can open with ease without ruining the product.
After learning what the problems were with the package, we started sketching solutions to have the product stand out and remove the kinks in the product.
Creating the Die-line
When we were making a shape that stood out, we decided on an hexagon shape. This shape is unlike any other brand’s, which also ties in the rebellious aspect to the product.
Explored shapes people usually don’t see on the same shelf as the ear-buds, but still showing the actual product like through a window versus a picture.
Different Itereations
We learned kinks in the wire were caused by the wire being wrapped tightly together. We concluded wrapping the wire around in a circle or on a tube like structure would eliminate this problem and worked around this structure.
We noticed boxes that had thicker boxes were seen as having a better quality product. We used chipboard to copy this effect.
To create the perfect fit, we attached a foam piece to the end of the tube. This created a place to put the tops of the ear-buds where they can lay nicely and be shown in the window of the package.
Final Product
This package has everything our target wants: easy-to-open case, no tangled wires, and a design that is easy spot sitting in the shelf.
The final goal was achieved. We created a package that did not damage the product and one that can stand out on the shelf.
A The brand standardsremained the same to stay recognizable as “Skullcandy.”

B Kept the product visible outside the package but changed the way it’s stored inside the package.

C Hard plastic clamshell is replaced with easy-to-open thin cardboard.
Product stood out enough on the shelf to where we had actual recognition from real customers looking for a new set of ear-buds.
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