Previous design & experience
Since the beginning in 2002, there have been many directions this event taken. The popular concept was the “Bring Your Brightest.”
Previously, the six programs would pair up with another program in the marketing department and put on their own presentation. Students would move room to room in the College of Business.
This created confusion as to which program does what and students didn’t anything about where the Marketing Department can send them in the future.
The Target & Stakeholders
To have this event run smoothly, we needed to establish the players. Our audience is simple: high school teachers and students. Our stakeholders are the people who have a key rule in the back end of the project, which includes the programs professors and their students.
Peggy, 42
High School Teacher

Loves teaching and loves to see her students succeed.

Wants to help her students discover universities that give the most opportunity.
Olivia, 16
High School Student

Scrolls through social media all day to see what her friends are doing.

Trying to find job stability for after college and needs a sense of belonging on campus.
Patrick, 48
College Professor

Teaches Public Relations in the Marketing Department at Ferris.

Looking for new ways to promote his program to gain new prospective students.
Keagan, 20
College Student

Studying Advertising / IMC in the Marketing Department at Ferris and is the RSO leader.

Will help out with the activities at the event and needs to know what the activity is.
THE Goal
To target high school teachers and have their students discover a career path in business through the marketing programs at Ferris State.
CONCEPT Exploration
Focusing in what attracted the main user, the High School Student, we started created concepts. We settles on two: “Let’s Talk Business” & “Find Your Future.”
Find your future.
Provides students with real experiences that shows students how they can jump start their business careers for the future.
Let's talk business
Allows students to reach our students on a personal level to get them talking about business and the opportunities.
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