The Problem
WNBA just recently went through a rebrand to separate themselves from the NBA brand.
The issue with this is people start to view WNBA more as an off-brand to the NBA rather than an equal.
Logo Exploration
There are two parts to basketball. The player and the ball. Knowing this, logos for the WNBA need to show this. This league has a special designed ball which is a signature for the WNBA.
Brand Collateral
The design of the collateral needed to have a certain level of professionalism. These are the items that would be passed out to other large company officials, not to the average fan. This includes business cards, cover letters, envelopes, and even apparel.
Business Card
Letter Head
The Target
After research, it was determined the audiences for WNBA need to be mature and supportive in nature, but also need the competitive drive needed for sports.
Jennifer, 38
Former collegiate athlete

Begin a former athlete, she understands the struggles women push through in sports.

She wants to have a fan base with her friends, but they don’t know much about WNBA and think it’s a joke.
david, 49
Gym teacher
Good ol’ sports fan

Loves to crack open a cold one with his buddies and watch sports.

He wants to learn about the players and their success.
THE Goal
Share the players stories to bring the FANS and the players together. #Overcoming Obstacles. Standing Strong.
The Campaign
In order to capture the best of the players, their stories about what they have done to get to where they are shared with fans on social media and showcased on the website, as well as graphics for each of the teams like hallways and tickets.
The Ribbon
Ribbons have been used to show awareness. This ribbon would be used to show the achievements of the athletes and give them recognition.
Team Branding
Unlike the collateral, these items would be available for fans so in result they have to represent the team they favor. The campaign would reach these touch-points as well and create a new look for WNBA.
WNBA General Shirt
Minnesota Lynx
Seattle Storm
Admissions tickets
The website
This would be the re-design for the WNBA website, as well as it will be the main format where the athletes stories will be showcased.
The Stories
The players stories will include a quote, achievements, their story with a video interview. This is for the fans and readers to get to know the players.
Team Screens
Each team has their own section on the website. As you slide through the individual teams, you can see the team leaders & their stories along with ticket dates to attend games.
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